Terms of Reference

  1. Background / Rationale

    As a standing Committee of the RDC REGION IV-A, the Sectoral Committee on Infrastructure Development  (SCID) IV-A performs functions analogous to, and supportive of the functions of the RDC.  It is tasked to review and evaluate major infrastructure development issues and concerns in the transportation, communications, water resources, power generation and electrification and social infrastructure sub-sectors  in the region for action by the RDC.

    The SCID IV-A Terms of Reference (TOR) is an effort to institutionalize the systems of operations  of the SCID IV-A to ensure, among others, its efficiency. The TOR was  adopted by the SCID IV-A since its first meeting on 25 September 2002.

  2. Role and Functions of the SCID IV-A

    The SCID IV-A has the following functions:

    • Recommends to the RDC government policies, programs and projects on infrastructure development consistent with regional and national development objectives and priorities;
    • Spearheads the conduct of budget hearing of key regional line agencies, through concerned regional development bodies; and
    • Integrates infrastructure development plans and programs of local government units in the regional and infrastructure development plan and coordinates infrastructure sector planning and programming activities in the region.

  3. SCID IV-A Officers and Term of Office

    The set of SCID IV-A officers is composed of a Chairperson, Co-Chairperson and  Secretary. The Chairperson and Co-chairperson may come from the public and private sectors represented in the SCID IV-A. If the elected Chairperson is  from the public sector the Co-Chairperson shall automatically come from the private sector and vice-versa.  The Chief of the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division of NEDA Regional Office IV-A is automatically designated as the Secretary of the SCID IV-A.

    Selection of Officers

    The members shall nominate candidates, from among themselves, for the chairperson and co-chairperson.  Election shall be done through secret balloting or in any manner as may be agreed upon during a reorganizational meeting of the SCID IV-A.

    Term of Office

    The officers shall hold office for three years or until their successor shall have been elected and duly qualified.

    Functions, Powers and Responsibilities

    The Chairperson shall have the following functions, powers and responsibilities:

    • Presides over meetings of the SCID IV-A;
    • Requests a member of the SCID IV-A to perform other functions as the RDC ExCom may deem necessary, provided that such functions are within the mandate of said Office;
    • Accepts, after SCID IV-A resolution authorizing him/her to do so, in behalf of the SCID IV-A, donations, contributions, grants, bequests or gifts in cash or in kind from SCID/ RDC members, foreign governments, international offices, private entities, any individual for purposes relevant to infrastructure development in the region and submit for approval of the SCID IV-A a program for its utilization;
    • Calls the attention of implementing agencies and local government units to implementation problems as identified and deliberated upon by the SCID IV-A with the end in view of instituting corrective measures;
    • When called upon, represents the region in RDC IV-A meetings and other activities of the Infrastructure Committee (InfraCom) of the NEDA Board at the national level;
    • With the concurrence of the members, review, revise and approve all policy recommendations, plans, programs and projects on infrastructure development originating from the SCID IV-A Technical Staff before submission to RDC IV-A;
    • Directs and supervises all activities of the SCID IV-A; and
    • Performs other duties and responsibilities as may be directed by the RDC IV-A Full Council or ExCom.

    The Co-Chairperson shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

    • Acts as chairperson in the absence of the chairperson and preside over meetings of the SCID IV-A;
    • Assumes the powers and responsibilities of the chairperson, whenever the chairperson is unable to perform his/her functions or when his position becomes vacant;
    • In the absence of the chairperson, acts on matters requiring immediate decision, provided, however, that a report thereon shall be submitted to the chairperson within five (5) days; and
    • Performs such other functions and duties as may be directed by the chairperson.

    The Secretary shall have the following functions:

    • Supervises the overall coordination and preparation of the agenda of the SCID IV-A;
    • Keeps a complete record of all the proceedings of the sessions of the SCID IV-A;
    • Certifies to the veracity of all official records and documents of the SCID IV-A;
    • Keeps custody of official records and documents of the SCID IV-A;
    • Review all draft committee resolutions; and
    • Performs other functions as may be assigned by the proper authority.

    Vacancy of the Position

    In the event that the position of the Chairperson becomes vacant through resignation, retirement, reassignment, removal from office, death or permanent disability, the Co-Chairperson shall temporarily assume the Chairpersonship until a new Chairperson is elected by the members pursuant to the established procedures as provided herein.

    On the other hand, should the position of the Co-Chairperson becomes vacant through resignation, retirement, reassignment, removal from office, death, permanent disability or elevation to the position of Chairperson, the members shall elect a new Co-Chairperson following the established selection procedures as provided herein. The election of the new Co-Chairperson shall be undertaken provided that the remaining term is not less than six months.

    In the event that both the positions of Chairperson and Co-Chairperson become vacant through resignation, retirement, reassignment, removal from Office, death or permanent disabilities, the SCID IV-A shall call for a reorganizational meeting to elect its new set of officers.

  4. Composition

    The SCID IV-A is composed of 15 Regional/National Line Agencies and four (4) Private Sector Representatives as follows:

    Regional Line Agencies

    • Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
    • Philippine Ports Authority (PPA)
    • Land Transportation Office (LTO)
    • Philippine National Railways (PNR)
    • Telecommunications Office (TELOF)
    • Philippine Postal Corporation (PPC)
    • National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)
    • Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA)
    • Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS)
    • National Irrigation Administration (NIA)
    • Department of Energy (DOE)
    • DENR-Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB)
    • National Water Resources Board (NWRB)
    • National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)
    • Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) – new member as of March 2012

    Private Sector Representatives

    • 4 RDC PSRs

  5. Forum

    Schedule of meetings

    SCID IV-A regular meetings are scheduled quarterly.  The specific time and venue of the meeting will be determined by the SCID IV-A Technical Secretariat in consultation with the Officers. Special meetings may also be held as necessary.  Reorganizational meetings will form part of the quarterly meetings of the SCID IV-A.


    One half plus one of the total number of SCID IV-A members shall constitute a quorum.


    The decisions of the SCID IV-A shall only be recommendatory in nature and shall be in the form of a resolution addressed to the RDC IV-A Full Council/ExCom and approved by the presiding officer.

    Endorsement Process for Project Proposals

    Project proposals shall be evaluated and duly certified by the Technical Secretariat. Deliberations on the endorsement of project proposals constitute the bulk of the activities of the SCID IV-A.  The decision of the SCID IV-A on this matter shall be guided by the attached (Annex A) Guidelines and Procedures in the Endorsement of Project Proposals.


    In the event that the heads of the member agencies of the SCID IV-A cannot attend the quarterly meetings of the SCID IV-A, he/she may designate a permanent representative for continuity.  The permanent representative is a next-in rank officer of the agency or a division chief-level technical staff.  The representatives shall have voting rights.


    All decisions of the SCID IV-A shall be in the form of resolutions. The framing of the resolutions shall be the responsibility of the SCID IV-A Technical Secretariat and duly certified by the Secretary. Resolutions shall be numbered consecutively every fiscal year indicating the number of the region, number of the resolution, and the year the resolution was passed (format attached as Annex B).

    Minutes of Meetings

    The minutes of meetings or its highlights shall be prepared by the Technical Secretariat duly certified by the Secretary.  They shall be numbered by line.

    Official Records

    The agenda of the meetings, agenda brief and background materials therein, approved minutes or highlights of these meetings, records of status of agreements during said meetings as well as resolutions passed by the SCID IV-A shall constitute the official records and documents of the SCID IV-A.

  6. Technical Secretariat of the SCID IV-A

    The Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) of the NEDA Regional Office IV-A shall serve as the Technical Secretariat of the SCID IV-A, headed by the Division Chief, who is also designated as the Secretary of the SCID IV-A. All the technical staff from the same division will be designated as coordinators to take the lead in performing the following functions:

    • Maintain external coordination with SCID IV-A member agencies as well as internal coordination within the technical secretariat in the referral and follow-up activities regarding issues/concerns raised as well as agreements during SCID IV-A meetings;
    • Undertake the provision of technical and administrative support in the conduct of SCID IV-A meetings to include the following:
      • review project proposals (ongoing projects) and prepare project evaluation reports;
      • coordinate the preparation of the agenda of the SCID IV-A;
      • undertake the preparation of status and updates on the activities/agreements of the SCID IV-A as may be required;
      • maintain complete records of all meetings;
      • prepare the highlights of proceedings; and
    • Perform other functions and duties as may be assigned by the RDC IV-A.

  7. Official Address

    The official address of the SCID IV-A shall be the official address of the Technical Secretariat. All communications shall be addressed to the Regional Director of NEDA Regional Office as follows:

    Attention:  Sectoral Committee on Infrastructure Development
    NEDA Regional Office IV-A
    4F Marcelita Building, Brgy. Real
    National Highway, Calamba City