NRO IV-A visited anew by foreign delegates for the M&D initiatives
Director Luis G. Banua of NEDA Region IV-A and Atty. Golda Myra Roma, Philippine focal person of the JMDI sharing the knowledge products developed by the SUMMID Project to Jamaican delegation.

Director Luis G. Banua of NEDA Region IV-A warmly welcomed the five delegates from National Government of Jamaica namely: Ms. Stacey Clarke Callum and Ms. Alicia Bennett-Bryan of the Planning Institute, Ms. Juliet McCalla Smith of Statistical Institute, Ms. Andrea Miller-Stennett of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and Ambassador Sharon Saunders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade during the learning visit on 13 October 2016. Atty. Golda Myra R. Roma, Philippines Focal Person of the Joint Migration and Development Initiative, is also part of the delegation during the learning visit.

The objective of the activity is to share with the delegation the initiatives of Calabarzon region and the mechanisms developed in implementing and sustaining migration and development (M&D) programs and projects. Director Banua shared the migration history of the region and its initiatives in terms of creating local migration and development councils, one-stop migration resource centers, generation of local migration data, engaging the local actors in M&D activities and harmonization of local, regional and national plans.

The delegation applauded the region for its practices and experiences in promoting and sustaining M&D initiatives. They said they have a long way to go in becoming at par with the region’s initiatives but would definitely use the lessons learned and experiences gained during the visit in implementing M&D programs and projects in Jamaica. The delegation thanked Director Banua for the warm welcome and
the sharing.

This is the second time that NRO IV-A was visited by another country for its M&D initiatives. The first was on 6 April 2016 by the Armenian delegation.

The implementation of the Strengthening, Upscaling, Mainstreaming International Migration and Development (SUMMID) Project enable the RDC-Regional Committee on Migration and Development to localize and scale up its existing M&D initiatives and provide increased access to M&D programs and services for overseas Filipinos and their families left behind. The region’s experience on M&D initiatives serves as benchmark to other countries and other regions in the country.

NRO IV-A visited anew by foreign delegates for the M&D initiatives
NEDA Region IV-A staff and Director Luis. G. Banua with the Jamaican delegation.

Lovely S. Mores, NEDA Region IV-A | Monday, October 17, 2016