SCED Chairperson Richard Albert Osmond of PHILEA presided the 2018 second quarter meeting of the SCED. Also with him are RDC Vice Chairperson Director Luis Banua of NEDA Region IV-A , SCED Secretary Marcelo Cesar Palacio of NEDA Region IV-A, with meeting host, Regional Manager Erlene Manohar of PCA Region IV-A.

The Sectoral Committee on Economic Development endorsed the Tourism Development Master Plan of REINA Cluster (Real, Infanta, General Nakar) during its second quarter meeting on May 11, 2018 at Costales Nature Farms, Majayjay, Laguna.

The Committee recognizes the need to address poverty issue affecting the communities of REINA municipalities in Quezon Province by developing the local tourism industry.

REINA’s vision is to be a prime green tourism destination promoting diverse environment and culture with its diverse and pristine natural ecosystems and cultural resources as embodied in its tagline: “Total adventure paradise closest to Manila”. The REINA Tourism Development Plan includes objectives on various tourism aspects, corresponding strategies, and infrastructure projects. The Plan also identified complementary tourism circuit themes per REINA municipality and sample tour packages.

The Committee also endorsed the membership of the Department of Tourism (DOT) Region IV-A and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region IV-A in the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Island Economy Development. The TWG was created by the RDC and is currently headed by the DOST with the aim of coordinating a sustainable Agro-Ecotourism Development in the Polillo Group of Islands municipalities. The DOT and BFAR will boost the TWG’s work in providing value-added development of the tourism, agriculture and fisheries sectors in the area.

Key development projects were also presented during the meeting, such as: Philippine Industrial Estate Association, Inc. (PHILEA)’s Inclusive Growth Project; 2016 Household Survey on Domestic Visitors; Guidelines of the DOT-DPWH Convergence Projects; Updates on Intramuros Regional Fairs; Updates on Corregidor Island as Tourism Destination; Policy on Fish Stock in Municipal & Commercial Waters; and Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Region IV-A programs and projects.

Committee Chairperson Mr. Richard Albert Osmond of PHILEA presided over the meeting and was hosted by PCA Region IV-A under the leadership of Regional Manager Erlene Manohar.

Nelson J. Aman Jr. | May 22, 2018