Director Luis G. Banua of NEDA Region IV-A, RPMC Chairperson, provides his opening message.

The RPMC launched the Search for Outstanding Project Implementer on May 31, 2019 at NEDA Calabarzon, Calamba City.

The Search aims to assess the efficiency of implementation of development projects and encourage immediate resolution of project implementation issues. Through the Search, the RDC facilitates attainment of project objectives which will contribute to the overall development goals of the Philippine/Regional Development Plan (P/RDP) and the Regional Physical Framework Plan.

The Search is open to all Calabarzon regional line agencies (RLA) that implement development projects in the region. Implementing agencies shall nominate one development project to be evaluated by the Search Committee. The implementing agencies must meet the basic eligibility criteria set by the RPMC which includes the implementation of project in at least one quarter in 2018 and submission of complete 2018 RPMES project reports.

The participants of the Orientation from regional line agencies.

During the launching, a re-orientation on the Calabarzon Project Monitoring System (cPMS) was conducted to ensure full utilization and reporting of the implementing agencies through the system. The cPMS facilitates enrolment of projects, submission of up-to-date Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System reports, and identification of problems that impede project implementation.

Director Luis Banua of NEDA Calabarzon, the RPMC Chairperson and RDC Vice-Chairperson, emphasized, “Other than the strategies and holistic framework reflected in the RDP, development objectives will be attained through effective and efficient implementation of programs and projects.” He also said that cooperation of implementing agencies is a crucial factor in ensuring that the goals set in the development plans will be met.

Angela R. Llamas, NEDA Region IV-A | June 4, 2019