Oath taking of confirmed elected PSRs (L-R: PSR Atanacio, PSR Bitoon, PSR Parilla, PSR Leabres, PSR Wieneke, PSR Dela Roca, PSR Andal, PSR Oblea, PSR Tanjuatco, & PSR Osmond) officiated by NEDA Regional Director Luis G. Banua

The Calabarzon Regional Development Council (RDC) conducted its 3rd Quarter RDC Full Council and Reorganization Meeting for the Term 2019-2022 on August 22, 2019 at NEDA Region IV-A, Barangay Milagrosa, Calamba City. The highlight of the meeting was the nomination of the RDC Chairperson and Co-Chairperson and the confirmation of private sector representative (PSRs).

Of the 11 elected PSRs who were confirmed as RDC members during the August 22 meeting, ten took their oath. Msgr. Jerry Bitoon of Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiative Inc.; Emerson Atanacio of Cavite Technical Vocational Educators Association, Inc.; Victoria V. Wieneke of Kabisig ng Kalahi, Inc.; Lina Lutgarda M. Tanjuatco of National Council of Women of the Philippines; Josephine A. Parilla of PATAMABA – Workers in the Informal Sector Enterprise; Teresita M. Leabres of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Richard Albert I. Osmond of Philippine Industrial Estate Association, Inc.; Ladislao L. Andal of Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – Batangas Chapter; Hyacinth T. Oblea of Sinag Kalinga Foundation Inc.; and Bon Ian D. Dela Roca of Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative; and Clarisse Delgado of Teach for the Philippines will be the private sector representatives in the RDC until June 2022.

Oath taking of confirmed basic and labor sector PSRs (R-L: PSR Punzalan and PSR Gomez) officiated by Secretary Dennis Hernandez of the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Southern Tagalog

Ruel G. Punzalan representing the labor sector and Iluminada Gomez representing the basic sector, likewise, took their oath and were confirmed.

Francess Louise P. Lopez, NEDA Region IV-A | September 3, 2019