Members and guests of the CALABARZON SRC-SDG First Organizational Meeting.

The newly created Special Regional Committee on Sustainable Development Goals (SRC-SDG), under the CALABARZON Regional Development Council (RDC), conducted its first organizational meeting on August 26, 2020 via video conference. The SRC-SDG was created on June 11, 2020 to enhance coordination and allocate resources to implement programs and projects (P/P) that will significantly contribute to the achievement of SDG targets. The SRC-SDG is the regional counterpart of the NEDA Board Sub-Committee on SDGs.

To jumpstart the activities of the Committee, the 2019 Regional Development Report (RDR) Supplemental Guidelines and the regional SDG indicators were endorsed to the RDC. The SDG indicators will serve as basis in preparation of the SDG report that will be an Annex Report to the 2019 RDR. To facilitate the identification and funding of SDG-supportive P/Ps, the Committee also approved to consider SDGs in the technical budget review of regional line agencies and state universities and colleges for the fiscal year 2022.

Recognizing the key role of infrastructure in attaining all the SDGs, the creation of a technical working group (TWG) on infrastructure was also endorsed to facilitate the identification, coordination and monitoring of SDG-related infrastructure targets and P/Ps. The SRC-SDG is now being supported by the four sectoral committees of the RDC which also serve as its TWG.

The Committee also confirmed the membership of nine RDC-Private Sector Representatives to ensure multi-sectoral participation and facilitate initiatives between government and non-government stakeholders to address concerns on SDGs. Advocacy on SDGs and localization will also be conducted to increase awareness, and encourage active participation and commitment at the local level on the SDGs.

Jennylyn P. Jucutan, NEDA Region IV-A| September 2, 2020