The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Region IV-A, together with the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Region IV-A gathered around 40 technical staff from local government units (LGUs) affected by Taal Volcano eruption and concerned agencies for the Training Workshop on the Preparation of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund (NDRRMF) Project Proposal held on October 14, 2020 via videoconference.

In his opening message, NEDA Regional Director Luis G. Banua emphasized the need to fund and implement proposed programs and projects to realize the goal of the Rehabilitation and Recovery Program (RRP) for Taal Volcano Eruption Affected Areas which is to improve the environmental, economic and social conditions and achieve a higher level of resilience of the affected communities. Director Edgar L. Posadas of the OCD Rehabilitation and Recovery Management System (RRMS) also graced the activity and advised LGUs and agencies to revisit and prioritize which projects in the Taal RRP will be submitted to the NDRRMF. Given the limited funds, he recommended projects on rehabilitation which will be implemented in the medium to short term. Dir. Posadas also expressed his appreciation to NEDA Region IV-A and OCD Region IV-A for conducting this timely and relevant activity for Taal RRP.

Mr. Julius B. Hontiveros of OCD-RRMS presented the Guidelines on the Administration of the NDRRMF. He also explained which projects can be considered for the NDRRMF and how to fill-out the project forms and prepare other supporting documents.

By the end of the activity, some LGUs and agencies were able to present their draft project proposal which were commented by OCD. After the workshop, the concerned LGUs and agencies are expected to enhance their project proposal and complete necessary requirements to access the NDRRMF.

The activity is one of NEDA Region IV-A’s initiatives to facilitate funding of the proposed programs and projects included in the Taal RRP. Other activities are investment programming with funding agencies, and continuous validation and monitoring of proposed programs and projects in the Taal RRP. The NEDA Region IV-A and OCD Region IV-A also extended their assistance to LGUs and agencies for project proposal preparation.

Donna Riza R. Mercado, NEDA Region IV-A | October 21, 2020