The Sectoral Committee on Infrastructure Development endorsed the recommendations of the Transport Cooperatives Study to the CALABARZON Regional Development Council during its first quarter meeting on February 11.  

Batangas State University conducted the study entitled “Registration, Accreditation and Franchising for Transport Cooperatives in the Philippines: A Review of Policy Documents”.  The study investigated the issues and challenges in registration, accreditation, and franchising of transport cooperatives and explored the possible causes of these problems.  

Among the findings of the study is the overlap in the functions of the Cooperative Development Authority and the Office of Transport Cooperative.  This overlap has  resulted to the tedious process in registration and accreditation. Another finding is the long and difficult process in the preparation and approval of Local Public Transport Route Plan of LGUs.  The submission of the LGU Transport Route Plan  is required in issuance of transport cooperative franchises.  

The Cooperative Development Authority is expected to take the lead in harmonizing the policies on transport cooperatives in partnership with the Department of Transportation.

Angela R. Llamas, NEDA Region IV-A | February 17, 2021