The Sectoral Committee on Economic Development (SCED), during its 2021 second quarter meeting on May 14, endorsed to the Regional Development Council (RDC) the creation of a convergence team with the aim of formulating a development plan towards the sustained rural development in the Real, Infanta, General Nakar (REINA) Area. The creation of a team is one of the recommendations of the discussion paper prepared by NEDA Region IV-A as an initiative to accelerate the economic recovery in REINA.

The REINA cluster located in the northeastern section of Quezon Province has high potential for eco-tourism. But the economic development in the area has been hampered by the COVID-19 Pandemic which has greatly affected the tourism industry in the region. The creation of the convergence team will be relevant as the country reopens the economy through a coordinated action by the stakeholders- both from the private and public sectors.

The inter-agency convergence team will determine the areas of partnership that will focus on agriculture, production, enterprises, and employment in the REINA Area. Programs and projects to be identified will also be supportive to tourism development and strengthening connectivity.

The creation of the convergence team for Sustainable Rural Development of REINA will be presented during RDC Full Council meeting on June 10 for approval.

Carmela L. Lantican, NEDA Region IV-A | May 27, 2021