RDC Members during the 2nd Quarter CALABARZON RDC Full Council Meeting on June 10, 2021 via video conference.

The full devolution of functions to LGUs in 2022 was highlighted during the second quarter meeting of the CALABARZON Regional Development Council (RDC) on June 10, 2021 via video conference.

RDC Chairperson, Governor Hemilando I. Mandanas, one of the petitioners of the Mandanas-Garcia Ruling, underscored the increase and automatic release of LGUs share in national taxes in 2022 and the creation of a Devolution Committee as provided in the Executive Order (EO) No. 138, entitled Full Devolution of Certain Functions of the Executive Branch to Local Governments, Creation of a Committee on Devolution, and for other purposes signed on June 1, 2021.

Aside from the increase in LGUs share and creation of Committee on Devolution, EO 138 also provides that the RDC shall set the strategic direction for faster development of the regions, especially in lagging areas. It will also facilitate the alignment of the local development and the land use plans with the goals, objectives and targets of the national and regional development plans.

“With the full devolution, we can have a government that embodies the ideals and aspirations of the people, and one that promotes the common good. LGUs will be able to implement programs and projects in an effective and efficient way, and agencies will be there to provide strategic direction to address persistent development issues”, said Chairperson Mandanas.

The full devolution will also help the LGUs to immediately allocate funds for COVID-19 and Taal Volcano eruption rehabilitation and recovery.

Lovely S. Mores, NEDA Region IV-A | June 15, 2021