The NEDA Region IV-A conducted an online training on Regional Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (RPMES) to Batangas Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC) on September 22. The one-day training aimed to strengthen Batangas PPMC’s capability on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) by sharing the RPMES Operational Guidelines and advocating the new M&E initiatives.

The training is a continuous capacity development of PPMC members particularly on processing of RPMES forms, conduct of field monitoring and problem solving sessions, and on the Search for Outstanding Project Monitoring Committee. The training also served as venue for imparting the recent M&E initiatives at the regional and national levels such as the Gender and Development Monitoring Tool and the National Evaluation Policy Framework.

Regional Director Luis G. Banua of NEDA Region IV-A highlighted in his opening message the significance of capacitating the staff because they are the organization’s best resource. He also emphasized the important role of monitoring given the onset of the implementation of the Supreme Court Ruling on the Mandanas-Garcia Case wherein additional funds will be downloaded to LGUs. This fiscal reform and the devolution of agency programs will entail more projects to be developed and implemented at the local level. He shared that through M&E, resolution of project implementation issues can be facilitated resulting in the timely delivery of project benefits to the stakeholders and maximize the use of project funds.

Director Banua added that the Regional Project Monitoring Committee envisions that through the RPMES trainings, the PPMC themselves would eventually become trainers to the city and municipal monitoring committees.

Nelson J. Aman, Jr., NEDA Region IV-A | September 23, 2021