The RPMC conducts the fourth quarter meeting via video conference.

The CALABARZON Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) endorsed to the RDC Adhoc Committee on Awards the Batangas State University (BatStateU) as the 2021 Outstanding Project Implementer during its fourth quarter meeting on November 4 via video conference.

The Search for Outstanding Project Implementer (SOPI) is an annual activity of the RPMC which aims to promote the efficient and effective implementation of development projects in the Region. The project implementer will be evaluated based on its efficiency in project management and implementation, innovations and good practices, and budget utilization.

The BatStateU enrolled its Construction of Two-Storey Student Services Center Building Project in the Search. The Project was implemented from December 2019 to December 2020 with a total cost of PHP22 million. The BatStateU passed the Search evaluation criteria and was recommended for award by the Evaluation Committee during its validation meeting on October 28.

Among the innovations of BatStateU include the creation of multiple-layered project management team, well-structured project implementation and management process, and evaluation of external providers for ongoing and completed projects.

The BatStateU will be awarded as the 2021 Outstanding Project Implementer during the fourth quarter meeting of the CALABARZON RDC on December 9.

Herbert C. Molinyawe, NEDA Region IV-A | November 8, 2021