Members and guests of the CALABARZON Sectoral Committee on Social Development/Social Protection (SCSD/SP) during its fourth quarter meeting on November 9, 2021 via videoconference.

The CALABARZON Sectoral Committee on Social Development/Social Protection endorsed POPCOM Region IV-A as its representative to the Regional Committee on Devolution (RComDev) during its fourth quarter meeting on November 9, to further reinforce the Committee’s Action Plan towards the reduction of teenage pregnancies and facilitate provision of technical assistance and capacity building activities to ensure the proper devolution of family planning-related services to the local government units.

The Committee also supported & endorsed to the Regional Development Council (RDC) the RDC-Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) National Convention Resolution No. 13-C Series of 2021, “A Resolution Requesting the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to Promote Whole-of-Nation Approach in Implementing Programs and Activities to Reduce Teenage Pregnancies”.

CALABARZON recorded the highest number of live births by teenage mothers in the country in 2019. In response, the Committee prepared the CALABARZON Adolescent Pregnancy Action Plan through RDC Resolution No. IV-A-15-2020 and supports the implementation of Executive Order (EO) No. 141 “Adopting as a National Priority the Implementation of Measures to Address the Root Causes of the Rising Number of Teenage Pregnancies and Mobilizing Government Agencies for the Purpose,” among others.

POPCOM IV-A Assistant Regional Director Marilyn F. Ogaya said, “government agencies must plan and include interventions for the prevention of adolescent pregnancies in their FY 2023 budget proposals.” She further added that funding for these activities can be charged against the allocation for Gender and Development in the respective budgets of concerned agencies as stated in Section 8 of the EO.

Moreover, the Committee endorsed POPCOM Region IV-A’s programs, projects, and activities under the Philippine Population Development Program (PPDP), formerly known as the Philippine Population Management Program, which are geared towards the achievement of population outcomes and desired demographic scenario to facilitate sustainable socioeconomic and human development.

POPCOM Region IV-A will conduct series of orientations and capability building activities on the components of PPDP.

Gied B. Evangelista, NEDA Region IV-A | November 10, 2021