RDC members and Secretariat during the fourth quarter 2021 RDC Full Council meeting on December 10, via video conference.

The CALABARZON Regional Development Council (RDC) approved the CALABARZON Regional Infrastructure Connectivity Plan (ICP) during its Fourth Quarter 2021 meeting on December 9 via video conference. The Regional ICP aims to ensure that the Region’s infrastructure connectivity is strategically planned and implemented with spatial considerations on settlements, production, and protection land uses.

With the rapid urbanization and the corresponding demand for mobility and accessibility, the CALABARZON Regional ICP assessed the intra- and interregional infrastructure connectivity, proposed programs and projects (P/Ps), and recommended strategies to address gaps and enhance the infrastructure connectivity in the region. Among the strategies identified were the integration of transport and land uses, expansion of gateway and linkages, implementation of compact and transit-oriented development, and enhancement of information and communications technology coverage in the Region.

The RDC, through the Sectoral Committee on Infrastructure Development, will regularly monitor and evaluate the implementation of the CALABARZON Regional ICP to ensure the timely and efficient implementation of P/Ps on infrastructure connectivity in the Region.

Herbert C. Molinyawe, NEDA Region IV-A | December 10, 2021