Members of the Search Evaluation Committee and the Shortlisted Nominees for the 2022 CALABARZON Search for Outstanding Local Project Monitoring Committees (SOLPMC) during its validation meeting on April 7, 2022 via videoconference.

The Evaluation Committee for the 2022 Search for Outstanding Local Project Monitoring Committees (SOLPMCs) conducted a validation meeting on the shortlisted Local Project Monitoring Committees (LPMCs) on April 7 via videoconference. The activity was undertaken to further assess the shortlisted LPMCs through the validation of submitted requirements. The LPMCs also shared their good practices in project monitoring and facilitation.

There were 13 LPMCs that participated in the Search, however, only three provinces, one city, and one municipality were shortlisted as nominees. Among the good practices of the LPMCs include the following: a) development of computerized monitoring and evaluation system; b) use of drone-based aerial photo-scanning and mapping for project monitoring; c) continuous capability building of committee members; d) designation of focal staff in offices and departments of the local government unit; and e) use of social media platform to solicit the public’s feedback on the implementation of projects, among others.

The SOLPMC is an annual activity of the Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) that aims to motivate, strengthen, and sustain LPMC activities in project facilitation, monitoring, and evaluation. The Evaluation Committee for the 2022 SOLPMC is composed of DBM as Chair, and NEDA, DILG, OP-PMS and two RDC Private Sector Representatives as members.

The Evaluation Committee will present the final list of nominees to the RPMC during its second quarter meeting on May 5 for endorsement to the RDC Ad Hoc Committee on Awards. The recognition of 2022 SOLPMC awardees will be done during the second quarter meeting of the RDC on June 9.

Gied B. Evangelista, NEDA Region IV-A | April 12, 2022