Members of the SCED during its second quarter meeting via Zoom video conference.

The Sectoral Committee on Economic Development (SCED), during its second quarter meeting on May 10, 2022, endorsed to the RDC Full Council the proposed “Establishment of Regional Center for Climate Change Mitigation in CALABARZON”.

The proposal aims to establish the inventory of major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting sectors and recommend mitigation strategies, particularly in the energy, agriculture, and waste sectors. Specifically, it will develop protocols in the accounting and reporting of GHG emissions for monitoring, review, and verification purposes at the regional level. It will also capacitate implementing agencies in accounting GHG emissions by developing an excel-based toolkit and training the concerned agencies to use the toolkit.

In CALABARZON and in other regions, there is no existing center that develops local and site-specific GHG inventory for the major key emitting sectors in the region. Through this initiative, developing a region-specific GHG inventory leads to sound and accurate emission accounting in the sector. Hence, the proposed regional center supports better planning for climate change adaptation and mitigation towards low carbon pathway for sustainable development.

The program is proposed by the University of the Philippines Los Baños-Department of Chemical Engineering for funding under the Department of Science and Technology’s Niche Centers in the Regions for the Research and Development Program.

Nelson J. Aman, Jr. NEDA Region IV-A | May 11, 2022