The CALABARZON Sectoral Committee on Macroeconomy and Development Administration (SCMDA), during its second quarter meeting on May 13, 2022, endorsed the proposed revisions in the CALABARZON Regional Development Council (RDC) Ground Rules and Regulations (GRR) in preparation for the upcoming RDC reorganization, full devolution transition, and economic recovery plan implementation.

As the primary institution in coordinating and setting the direction for physical, economic and social development in the region, the RDC’s role was expanded to include: 1) set the strategic direction to facilitate economic development of CALABARZON, particularly in lagging areas, 2) facilitate alignment of local development and land use plans with the updated regional development plans, 3) assist LGUs in overseeing the implementation of inter-provincial programs and projects to ensure compatibility, and 4) provide technical assistance in the formulation of Devolution Transition Plans to ensure alignment of local, regional and national priorities.

Special and Affiliate Committees were enumerated to include recently created committees such as the Regional Committee on Devolution and the Special Regional Committee on Sustainable Development Goals. These Committees will assist the RDC in coordinating, monitoring and evaluating their specific concerns.

The RDC GRR serve as reference for the RDC members, concerned institutions and other stakeholders in carrying-out the RDC functions including the procedural system in the conduct of meetings and activities.

Jennylyn P. Jucutan, NEDA Region IV-A | May 17, 2022