BSP Inclusion Office Deputy Director Cesar Augusto E. Villanueva, Jr. and NEDA Region IV-A Director Luis G. Banua served as Speakers during the Forum.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Southern Tagalog hosted the 7th CALABARZON Economic and Financial Forum on October 27 via Zoom video conference. The Forum with the theme “Boosting the Country’s Recovery with Informed Decisions, Better Policies” is the culminating activity of the 33rd National Statistics Month Celebration in CALABARZON. The participants were welcomed by Deputy Director Carina Del Rosario of BSP Lucena Branch who highlighted the importance of statistics in tackling economic and financial concerns in the Region.

Director Luis G. Banua of NEDA Region IV-A, as one of the speakers, shared the economic performance and the status of Rehabilitation and Recovery Investment Programs in CALABARZON. He also presented strategies and development priorities that will be considered in the crafting of the successor Regional Development Plan 2023-2028 that include: (a) ensuring food security; (b) reducing transport, logistics, and energy costs; (c) mitigating measures in relation to COVID-19; (d) rationalizing social protection; (e) addressing learning losses; (f) enhancing bureaucratic efficiency and sound fiscal management; (g) ensuring resilient and innovative financial sector; (h) creating more quality and green jobs; (i) upholding peace and security; and (j) ensuring a level playing field.

Another speaker is Deputy Director Cesar Augusto E. Villanueva, Jr. of the BSP Inclusion Office who discussed the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion 2022-2028. He highlighted the launching of Paleng-QR Ph Program that is jointly developed by the BSP and the DILG to promote cashless payment in public markets and local transport across the country. He also discussed the Credit Surety Fund that is a credit enhancement scheme developed by BSP to increase credit-worthiness of micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Select Regional Line Agencies, State Colleges and Universities, and Local Government Units were awarded by the PSA Region IV-A to acknowledge their contribution and support in instilling awareness and appreciation on the importance of statistics.

Director Charito Armonia of PSA Region IV-A officially ended the activity with a closing message that emphasized the crucial role of financial inclusion in laying the groundwork for sustainable and equitable national and regional development.

The forum was attended by over 100 participants in Zoom. The recording of the forum can still be viewed in the Facebook pages of NEDA Region IV-A and PSA CALABARZON.

Some of the participants during the 7th Regional Economic and Financial Forum.

Ma. Luisa M. Adamero, NEDA Region IV-A | November 7, 2022