Terms of Reference


In the absence of provincial or local presence, NEDA Calabarzon as the prime mover of development in the region needs a strong ally at the local level to ensure that its advocacies effectively reach the local level. In the same vein, the local planners need a strong partner to ensure that development concerns beyond their control are brought up at the national level. Unlike most local departments created after the passage of the Local Government Code to perform the devolved functions of national agencies, the local planning departments had always been a local office. The devolved local offices, in most cases, did not cut their ties from their former ‘mother’ agencies and thus making policy coordination easier. The ‘mother’ agencies continue to provide support and direction to the devolved offices. The League of Local Planning and Development Coordinators of the Philippines, Inc. (LLPDCI) clamoured to strengthen its ties with NEDA particularly with the local planning and development coordinators to have a semblance of ‘mother’ agency relationship/partnership similar to the Municipal and Provincial Treasurers with that of the Department of Budget and Management.

Since the separation of the then Southern Tagalog Region (STR) into the CALABARZON and MIMAROPA Regions by virtue of EO 103, s. 2002, NEDA Calabarzon had been convening the local planners and collaborated with them in various undertakings. NEDA Calabarzon’s effort to shepherd the local planners as well as to strengthen the partnership, however, was hampered by availability of funds, among others.


  1. Establish an effective collaboration network to ensure the harmonization of local and national plans.
  2. Provide venue for: (a) the exchange of updated information and development perspectives from national and local stand points; (b) identification of issues/concerns and weaknesses in the development planning process and propose solutions; and (c) sharing of best practices.
  3. Promote inter-local cooperation between and among LGUs, such as sharing of expertise and collaboration in the implementation of projects, among others.


  1. Identify issues/concerns and weaknesses in the development planning process and propose long-term and stop gap measures to address these;
  2. Disseminate new policies and guidelines related to development planning;
  3. Prepare position papers for consideration of the RDC and its sectoral committees; and,
  4. Propose policies and guidelines to improve local development planning, updating of planning standards, among others, to arrive at more relevant plans and programs.


  • 5 Provincial Planning and Development Coordinators (PPDCs)
  • 18 Cities City Planning and Development Coordinators
  • Officers of the Regional League of Local Planners
    • 1 Regional President of the League of Local Planning and Development Coordinators, Inc. (LLPDCI)
    • Five Chapter Presidents of the LLPDCI

Implementation Mechanism/Frequency of Meetings

  • Conduct at least 1 meeting per year.
  • Agenda identification shall be the responsibility of NEDA Region IV-A.
  • Whenever possible, appropriate resource persons shall be invited during meetings to discuss new policies or assist in clarifying issues/concerns raised/identified
  • Specific League ‘Matters’ shall be tackled in meetings convened by the League


The NEDA Regional Director shall be the Convenor or Presiding Officer.

Technical Secretariat and Resources

  • NEDA-RDC to provide fund support for the conduct of meetings and other administrative cost
  • The LLPDCI members are encouraged to host meetings. This shall be an opportunity to showcase good practices on planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation as well as to get expert feedback from fellow planners on issues/concerns that need to be addressed as well as potentials that may need to be enhanced
  • Technical secretariat shall be a joint responsibility of NEDA and the LLPDCI