NEDA Region IV-A Assistant Regional Director Gina Gacusan [2nd top row, leftmost], NEDA Region IV-A Regional Director [3rd top row], Ms. Gina Madin of the Local Government of Santa Rosa [1st middle row], CNN Correspondent Ms. Lois Calderon [2nd middle row], Mr. Dan Lachica of SEIPI [2nd middle row], Ms. Cecille Virtucio of the San Jose Workers Cooperative [1st bottom row] and DTI IV-A Regional Director Marilou Q. Toledo during the PDP/RDP Caravan Talkshow hosted by Ms. Calderon.

“The challenge today is learning how to live with the virus. This entails fully implementing the Prevent, Detect, Isolate, Treat, and Recover strategy while gradually and safely reopening our economy; so that we can look after the total health and welfare of the people,” said NEDA Secretary Karl Kendrick Chua. This was his keynote message during the CALABARZON Virtual Caravan on the Updated Philippine Development Plan (PDP) and Regional Development Plan (RDP) on April 20, 2021. The Caravan showed the salient features of updated Plans.

Among the new strategies in the PDP and RPD were those that address the COVID-19 pandemic. NEDA Assistant Secretary Carlos Bernardo O. Abad Santos in his PDP presentation pointed out that technology adoption, innovation, and reforms in human capital development are essential for economic recovery.

The Caravan included a Talk Show, hosted by CNN Senior Correspondent, Ms. Lois Calderon, with guests from the government and the private sector. The topic of the Talk Show was the impact of the pandemic on small and large enterprises, and the response of the local as well as national government.

The guests of the Talk Show included Ms. Cecille Virtucio of the San Jose Workers Cooperative, Mr. Dan Lachica of Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Inc., DTI IV-A Regional Director Marilou Q. Toledo and Ms. Gina Madin of the Local Government of Santa Rosa.

The Caravan was participated by a total of 189 representatives from regional line agencies, academe, local government units and private sector. A total of 807 viewers also watched during the livestream via social media.

Michael R. Lavadia, NEDA Region IV-A | April 24, 2021