Summary of Guidelines in the Accreditation of Private Sector Organizations and in the Selection of Private Sector Representatives to RDC Calabarzon

Definition of Terms

Private Sector Organization (PSO) refers to an organization created or formed by the private sector for the purpose of socio-economic development by rendering service or providing assistance to the public.

Private Sector Representative (PSRs) refers to a person who represents the private sector. A PSR must be an active member of:  a) non-government organizations; b) business organizations; c) professional organizations and civic groups.

 Qualifications of Nominating PSOs: 

  1. PSO must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any government agency that registers organizations and associations for the purpose of bestowing legal personality;
  2. PSO must have conducted socio-economic activities for at least three years either provincewide (in any province in Calabarzon) or regionwide;
  3. PSO must be a Filipino. Organizations managed by foreigners, whose officers and members are primarily composed of foreign nationals, or are considered branches or affiliates of foreign organizations are disqualified;
  4. Organizations which have government officials and employees as ex-officio members of the Governing Board or whose operations are funded by the government are disqualified; and
  5. PSO must be endorsed by the head of accrediting agencies, organizations or local government units.

Qualifications of PSR Nominees:

  1. Any Filipino citizen of legal age and not otherwise disqualified by law;
  2. The nominee must not hold any government position, whether appointive or elective, and must not receive any remuneration from the government while serving as private sector representative to the RDC;
  3. The nominee must have a proven track record in socio-economic development in the region;
  4. The nominee must be willing and able to participate in all RDC meetings and activities; and
  5. The nominee shall be formally nominated by the authorized representative of a qualified PSO.


  1. Accomplished PSO’s General Information (Form 1)
  2. Accomplished PSR Nominee Information Sheet (Form 2)
  3. Accomplished PSR and Voter’s Nomination Form (Form 3)
  4. Endorsement of PSO’s Accrediting Agency.

Deadline of submission of requirements is on 6 May 2016 (Friday). For more information, contact the RDC Secretariat at telephone numbers (049) 545-00-91 or (049) 576-01-57.

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